Last year, the St Paul’s Foundation received hundreds of applications from prospective scholars demonstrating their extraordinary levels of talent and commitment. Unfortunately, many promising candidates have to be rejected due to their level of English. Being an English Language based school, a proficiency level is required for our scholars to really thrive in their classes and realise their true potential. Even our current year-long preparation course would not be enough.

Happily, Cultura Inglesa has come to the rescue. The renowned Brazilian English Language School has offered 10 free year-long courses to applicants that the foundation believes have real potential. These applicants can then go on to re-apply to the foundation in the following year and show how much they have improved.

Cultura Inglesa has generously offered that the courses can be undertaken at any of their centres. Selected applicants will be notified during April 2020 and the courses will begin in August 2020.

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