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The St. Paul’s Foundation is a separate legal entity from St. Paul’s School. Our work is funded solely through the generous donations of its patrons.

Any donations will help us continue our work and fund our scholars.

We also aim to create an endowment fund to provide for the St. Paul’s Foundation in perpetuity.

How donate

How to donate

How donate

Your donation enables us to find, develop, and support our scholars with a transformative education.

The Fundação St. Paul's is able to receive donations of any amount via the instant payment solution PIX, through the e-mail key contato@fundacaostpauls.org.br. If you would like to make a contribution using another payment method, please check our donations page through the link below.

If you are a resident of the USA, you may make a tax-efficient donation on our BrazilFoundation page by credit card, wire transfer or stocks.

Please contact us at contato@fundacaostpauls.org.br if you need any further clarification.

Our donors

  • The St. Paul's PTA
  • The Greenlees Family
  • Viviane and Stephen Hood
  • Rebeca and Bernardo Ouro Preto
  • Renata and Bruno Soter
  • Carolina Mariutti and Sergio Almeida
  • The Costa Franco Family
  • Gabriela and David Bobrow
  • Fernanda and Anthony Jezzi
  • Cristina Franch and James Wilkinson
  • Ana e Marco Abrahao
  • Cinthia and Ary Viriato
  • The Giannella Family
  • Amy Clifford
  • Joanna Crellin and Rod Escombe
  • Sita and Alistair Taylor
  • Alessandro Zema Silva
  • Sandra and Raphael de Cunto
  • Carlos A. Lima
  • The Farhat Family
  • Poliana and Dimitri Moufarrege
  • The Rosenthal Family
  • Victoria and Arno Schwarz
  • Lis and Edward Weaver
  • The Lloyd Family
  • Helena and Marcos Spieler
  • Sara and Luiz Tastardi
  • The McCarthy Family
  • Viviane and Eduardo Guimaraes
  • The Macedo Family
  • Craig Bavinton
  • The Hormain Family
  • The Leonetti Family
  • Alina Asiminei and Antônio Diogo
  • The Hughes Cardoner Family
  • The Westphalen Family
  • Jassi Grewal
  • The Esteves Family
  • Tatiana and George Kerr
  • The Doherty Family
  • Flavia Cipovicci and José Berenguer
  • Laura and André Covre
  • Carminha Pereira de Morais
  • The Lawrence Bueno Family
  • Celiza and José Cabral
  • The Rinzler Mizne Family
  • Juliana and Eduardo Mufarej
  • Marcia and Claudio Moraes
  • The Paes Family
  • Monize Neves and Ricardo Vasques
  • The Bartunek Family

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