We are happy to announce the newest group of candidates in preparation on the St Paul’s Foundation scholarship program. Students will begin the course for the August 2021 entry selection process.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the selection had been postponed until St. Paul’s school could safely receive applicants on its campus, which happened in October. The foundation invited a total of 80 candidates who, divided into groups and respecting all health and safety protocols, took tests of cognitive and English skills. The best ones in the ranking were interviewed by the school’s Leadership Team, and four were chosen for the course.

With the main goal of preparing candidates to access the school’s curriculum, the course brings together lessons on various subjects. Classes are conducted by volunteer St. Paul’s teachers. The program allows potential scholars to get to know the school and the school to get to know them. It is the final stage of the preparation process before the selection of 2021 scholars in June, and preparation classes will begin in February.

Due to the postponement of the selection process, candidates weren’t able to have a preparation term with English lessons at Cultura Inglesa, as stated in the regulations of the St. Paul’s Foundation.

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