Young students who are interested in taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by a British education have a new chance to join one of the best schools in Brazil. The St Paul’s Foundation has just opened its selection process for full scholarships to St. Paul’s School, in São Paulo.

The program selects and prepares talented children whose families cannot afford the cost of a cutting-edge education. Applicants must have excellent grades throughout their school records, good knowledge of English and be between 11 and no more than 15 years of age by December 31st, 2021.

Applications can be made exclusively through our website until March 28th, 2021 – please check all the details on our page dedicated to the selection process.

Those who apply for this selection process may have the opportunity of being chosen to join St Paul’s School in August 2022. The entire selection process lasts about 18 months, as it includes not only the administrative part of the process but also a one-year preparation phase with an immersion course in English. Other stages in the process are the analysis of all submitted documents, English and cognition tests and interviews with candidates and their families.

The St Paul’s Foundation scholarship covers not only the tuition costs but also uniforms, public transportation, trips and academic extracurricular activities and all meals at St Paul’s School.

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