After several months going through different stages – such as triage, assessments, and interviews – now it’s time for the current foundation candidates to start feeling a little bit of what it is like to be a St. Paul’s pupil. Seventeen applicants for 2022 entry moved on to the preparation course as part of the St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Program selection process.

This course started last month and goes until mid next year. Throughout these two terms, candidates sit classes divided into two moments: an English language immersion until December and a school bridge program from February to June 2022.

The English part incorporates a language course at Cultura Inglesa simultaneously with fortnightly lessons at St. Paul’s. Then, in the second term, the candidates come to St. Paul’s for three weekly classes of different subjects led by teachers from the school. The volunteers dedicate their time to prepare the group and assess their progress, playing critical roles at the final selection, which happens in June next year. New scholars will join the school in August.

Welcome sessions for scholars and parents

The half-term break is coming, the perfect time for the St. Paul’s Foundation scholars to revisit and refresh their paulean experience so far.

The whole group has had the opportunity to meet in person in a Welcome and Wellbeing Session hosted by the School Counsellor Dr Laura Mack and the Scholarship Mentor Mr Augusto Neto. They could engage and connect through talks and activities, and new encounters are scheduled for later this term.

The foundation team also prepared a welcome event for the scholars’ parents at St Paul’s. They engaged in group activities and went on a school tour. It was the first time that some of them had seen the school beyond the gates.

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