The 2020 entry’s selection process for the St. Paul’s Foundation scholarship programme has now moved into the next phase. By the close of the two-month application window, we received over 100 online applications.  We’ve finalised the assessment of all candidates’ documents, videos and compositions.   

Successful candidates have been invited to visit St. Paul’s School to get to know the school and sit online tests. The parents or relatives in charge of the candidate were also invited and will have the opportunity to raise their questions about the process. Subsequent stages of the selection include interviews and a one-year preparation period, with an English immersion course.  

If you are a candidate for this entry, remember that we will send you all official communications to the e-mail address you’ve supplied in your application.   

If you wish to be a candidate in the future (or know someone who has the potential), keep following our social media channels to get updates on future selections.   

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